Welcome to the nation’s best kept secret in interior design, antiques and mid-century modern art and furnishings! For almost 50 years Vintage Modern & Design has been selling directly to antique dealers and decorators. We never even considered selling to the general public, however now, we believe that with our unique personal touch and understanding of the retail market, we will begin a new chapter in our business’s long history. You can call us directly from 9am-9pm EST and discuss anything you are interested in, knowing you have an expert on the phone to answer all your questions from condition to delivery. Call us at 215-749-2104.

    Vintage Modern & Design is now selling directly to the educated consumer at the same prices we sell to antique dealers. This allows you to bypass the dealer and pay the same as the dealer pays! Do you REALLY think a dining table is worth 40000.00? Where did the antique dealer in their high-rent store even come up with a price that high? The answer is simple. They have extremely high rents to pay and a few sales covers their rent. It’s a known fact, that rent for a store in Manhattan can be as low as 75.00 per square foot to as high as 2000.00 per square foot! For only the least expensive rent-that’s 150000.00 a month for a small 2000 square foot showroom! The furniture however is exactly the same and was often purchased from us. Regardless of what they tell you they usually source from a wholesaler like us and not from the “South of France” or “Rome, Italy.”
    We own our own 81 acre warehousing facility and import from all over the world and have no rent or mortgage so we can offer true wholesale pricing. We also have our own professional finishing staff who will detail and polish your items to look their best. We can offer the same experience the more expensive shops can without the high prices. We source our finds from all over the USA and also can buy your items or an entire estate if you have something to sell. We are simply the largest wholesale source in the entire country! 
   Welcome to Vintage Modern & Design-the industry’s best kept secret. We will treat you like family and you’ll save money,make you smile and make you repeat customer with our attention to detail!